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The Platform

Serving the Greater Atlanta Community and Beyond…

Greater Atlanta Democratic Women, is an official Democratic Women’s organization serving the greater Atlanta area. Voters who live in Fulton County and any of the bordering counties of Fulton are eligible for membership. GADW was organized by long-time Democrat Mindy Boggs, who currently serves as the first Chapter President. On August 26, 2019 GADW was chartered by the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women(GFDW) and has since grown to become one of the largest, and most active Federation chapters in the state. The 501 c 4 organization’s by-laws are approved by the State Federation which is under the National Federation of Democratic Women. Since the state and national Federation organizations are chartered by our national Democratic Party, there are permanent seats on both the state & national Democratic Committees reserved for the leadership of these organizations- which assures these coveted designated voting seats will always be occupied by WOMEN.

GADW meets at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Venue locations vary, so check the calendar on the website for updates. All members receive periodic email updates.

United By A Common Goal

GADW was founded by women who yearn for a place they feel fully comfortable being a Democrat in a positive environment, who desire to do more to support Democrats and help get them elected. GADW offers that kind of fellowship, as well as opportunities to be educated and informed on legislative & judicial issues, particularly those that affect our everyday lives. Our goal is to  inspire, train and offer opportunities for members to become more civically engaged. GADW offers opportunities for leadership development for members serving on our various committees, and ultimately on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee determines which candidate(s) will be supported with volunteer and fundraising resources. (According to by-laws, GADW cannot publicly endorse any Democratic candidate while in a contested primary.)

Get Involved

There are many different ways to get involved and “plugged in”: first join, and then choose a committee to promote and sustain the organization, or volunteer for an endorsed candidate, help organize & execute fundraisers, canvass, host postcard parties, phone bank, attend poll worker and/or poll watcher training vital to protecting the vote, etc. There are many “boots on the ground” activities that can make a difference between a victory- or not. In the process, colleagues often become life-long friends. Please join us for this very important and rewarding volunteer work. As Mindy Boggs, our Chapter President, likes to say, “We need everyone off the sidelines in 2020 and engaged. We all have an actual JOB to do to contribute to the difference we’ll make together.  Remember, the more hands, the lighter the work! Click on the "Membership" tab to join and become engaged with our purpose.

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